How To Use Rolodex

How To

Creating a Card

To create an Association Card:

  1. Click the button on the bottom right corner of the page to open the new association card panel.
    (The new association card panel should be open already if you have not created any types yet.)
  2. Enter the New Association's name and type.
  3. Click or press enter.
  4. Enter whatever additional information you'd like into the card's corresponding input fields, and click or press enter.

Associate Cards are created from within Association Cards.

Navigating through your Cards

Once you've created some association cards, you can filter them by type using the filter type panel.

You can only see one type at a time.

You can search through your association cards by name or neighborhood by beginning to type in one of the inputs in the search my created association cards panel.

To see all cards for that type, leave the search input fields blank.

You must enter in an address for a card in order for it to be sorted by neighborhood.

You can sort your association cards (ascending or decending) by name, neighborhood, or rating using the sort order panel.

Sort by distance not implemented (yet).

You may be prompted by your browser to allow permission (recommend) to use your current location.

About Rolodex


This Web App was built in 2015 by Daniel Goodwyn using Parse, jQuery, and Bootstrap (including Glyphicons).

Feel free to view the source code on GitHub or in your browser if you're into that kind of thing.

rolodex.js | styles.css

You can use this Web App to organize your own personal list (or "Rolodex") of contact "Cards" with related information. Create "Association" Cards by "Type", and fill them in with a Location, Links to a webiste, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, "Associates", and Notes.

Card Types

"Types" are meant to be used as different categories that you can filter your many contact Cards by, such as Coffee Shops, Tech Companies, or Places to Visit.


"Association" Cards are meant to be used as individual contact Cards for each Type such as Philz Coffee, Twitter, or The Golden Gate Bridge.


"Associate" Cards are meant to be used as individual contact Cards for people associated with each Association such as Phil Jaber, Jack Dorsey, or Irving Morrow.
(Techincally, Associate is an Association Type.)

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